The Glambot video creator app

The Glambot camera slow motion effect can be created with the GlambotApp for iPhone and iPad. It’s compatible with all high-speed robotic arm systems on the market. 

The Glambot app can also power multi cam video systems. It allows to capture a slow motion video from multiple GoPros and mix-n-match that to a viral video. 

Compatible with a lot of cameras

Introducing the ultimate camera control app, offering seamless integration with a wide variety of leading camera brands. Effortlessly manage Z Cam, Canon DSLR/Mirrorless and even multiple GoPro cameras simultaneously, all from the palm of your hand. Unlock your creative potential and streamline your workflow with this powerful, user-friendly app.

Download the app from the app store and play around with it for free. Like it? Create an account and purchase a subscription from our shop.

Fun at any event with the Glambot App

Looking to create some awesome event experience? Look no further! The Glambot app is the ideal tool for a High Speed Robotic arm camera system and to create the Glambot effect. You can record slow-motion videos, add 40+ advanced video effects, add audio, create overlays with the built-in designer, load assets for 350+ overlays, connect and sync to Google Drive and Dropbox, share using Airdrop, email, SMS and you can even share internet-free to any mobile device. It’s the most feature-packed Glambot app out there.

Our goal is to make your events a success with the Glambot app

If you’re planning a party, wedding, or other special events such as a red carpet event, Sweet 16, or high fashion photo booth event, the Glambot Camera App can help you create unforgettable memories for your guests. We deliver that extra bit of fun and excitement when it comes to entertaining guests of all ages. It’s the kind of fun that is posted on social media, shared between friends, and talked about for years.

Create a unique video or slideshow featuring your guests and the location, using the Glambot app. As they try out various poses, you can apply over 60 special effects using our app.

Consider glitter, smoke, slow-motion, or fire effects. You also have a choice of over 350 overlay designs. As a result, the video is contemporary, original, and unforgettable. Additionally, you can easily customize the video and effects for the occasion, guests’ preferences and your style. You can use the Glambot app anywhere and anytime, and it is compatible with GoPro 10 and GoPro 11! The app is convenient because you don’t need Wi-Fi and it is more accessible to a larger audience than a real Glambot. You can quickly and easily share the video or slideshow via email, social media, Google Drive, or Dropbox. This way, everyone can enjoy the special memory that you have captured with the Glambot app!