Buy a Glambot Robot Arm system

Hypeclip (currently shipping, supported by GlambotApp)

Sells complete Hypeclip Glambot Camera Robot Arm system with a Dobot Nova 5 robot arm. They sell black and white versions of their robot arm system. They include a Camera mount system that makes it easy to mount a variety of cameras, like the Z Cam and GoPro. Order it here.

Hypeclip Glambot Camera Robot Arm

Hypeclip Robot Arm

Pre-order phase (already supported by GlambotApp)

These robot arms are compatible with GlambotApp. However, these robot arms are in the pre-order phase and can be ordered in the future.

ATA Photo Booths





Purchase the robot arm from a Robot Arm supplier directly? (supported by GlambotApp)

Most Robot Arm system companies are resellers of certain robot arm manufacturers. If you want to purchase directly from this manufacturer or from another distributor, this is possible. This will require you to build your own stand and camera bracket. We support the following Robot Arm manufacturers.