GlambotApp New Custom Path Feature: making events unforgettable

Taking Control with Custom Paths and your Dobot Nova 5

The newest GlambotApp Custom Path feature makes all types of events unforgettable. You will be able to enjoy a wide variety of new options and can create your own, unique content. Making memories has never been so easy and fun! Try the Custom Path feature during a wedding, party, meeting, gala or a night out with friends.

This latest update to the Glambot app allows you to create personalized paths with up to 6 points with the Dobot Nova 5, giving you complete control over your robotic arm’s movements.

Precisely dictate the trajectory of your shots and achieve flawless cinematic sequences with ease. Whether you are capturing intricate product showcases, dynamic action scenes, or artistic visual effects, Custom Paths unlocks endless possibilities to bring your creative vision to life.

Beyond Custom Paths

The Glambot app is designed with both simplicity and functionality in mind, catering to amateur videography enthusiasts and seasoned professionals alike. Glambot makes professional quality video creation easy and pocket friendly.

Extensive Feature Set

From customizable slow-motion effects and advanced editing tools to seamless integration with various camera systems, Glambot equips you with everything you need.

Universal Compatibility

Capture your vision with any camera! Glambot works flawlessly with GoPros, Z Cam, Canon DSLRs/Mirrorless cameras.

Intuitive Interface

Our user-friendly design lets you focus on unleashing your creativity, not navigating complex menus.

Additional Features

Glambot boasts features like overlays, video effects, and effortless sharing options, empowering you to create captivating videos that truly stand out.

To Wrap Up

Document special moments, craft social media content, and produce professional-grade videos, Glambot is your ultimate companion for taking your videography to a new level.

With Custom Paths, we are proud to continue our tradition of innovation, helping you create videos that captivate, inspire, and leave an unforgettable impression. So why wait? Get the Glambot app today and discover the endless possibilities of Custom Paths and more!

Thanks to the Glambot app and the new Custom Path Feature, you will be able to create unique videos of all kind of events, such as a red carpet event, Sweet 16, or high fashion photo booth event. Whatever the occassion and goal of your videos is: the Glambot app is easy to use and offers a wide variety of options.