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GoPro troubleshooting

The GoPro is not working as expected

Bad video quality

Sometimes the options from the GoPro are not well adjusted. We recommend reseting the GoPro presets by going to the GoPro settings > Reset > Reset presets.

Black screen when booting up

When your GoPro is turned off and it’s being charged up with insufficient power. Make sure to use the original USB hub and power supply that we provide. Turning the GoPro on in this scenario will make it display and stay with a black screen. Disconnecting the USB-C cable, removing the battery from GoPro, wait for 5 seconds, place it back in, turn it on, and connect the cable will solve this. It’s best to stop powering the USB hub when this happens and finish the event that way.

Not displaying ‘USB connected’

This usually happens when you turn on the GoPro while it is already wired to your iOS device. Even when you unplug/plug in the cable the ‘USB connected’ message won’t show up. The solution is to disconnect the cable, remove the battery from GoPro, wait for 5 seconds, place it back in, turn it on, and connect the cable again.

Message: ‘Can’t connect to the GoPro’

During the pairing of the GoPro with the GlambotApp system, the message can be triggered for different reasons:

  1. Make sure the power of the hub that is connected to the GoPros is unplugged. The power can interfere with the connection of the GoPros during the pairing process. After connecting all the GoPros, you can plug the power into the hub again.
  2. Check if you’re attempting to connect to the right GoPro. If you plug them in one by one there’s a chance you attempt to connect to a non-wired GoPro, resulting in this error. We recommend renaming each GoPro with their ID and position on the arm so it becomes easier to identify them.
  3. The GoPro SD card can contain files from a recent firmware update, interfering with the connection. Format the SD card and attempt the connection again.
  4. Refresh the GoPro list before a wired connection to make sure the GoPro is available to connect. Sometimes the GoPro temporal identifier changes and the one you’re seen listed is an old one and needs to be refreshed.
  5. Unexpected. Sometimes the GoPro fails to connect for unknown reasons. For these scenarios, we recommend:
    • Removing the battery from the GoPro, wait 5 seconds before plugging it in, and try again.
    • Reset the GoPro connections. To do so, slide the GoPro screen from top to bottom followed by sliding the screen from right to left. Tap on ‘Connections’ (‘Preferences > Wireless connections’ for the Hero 11/11 mini) and scroll to the bottom. There, tap on ‘Reset connections’, accept the prompt and once it finishes, head to ‘Connections > Connect Device > GoPro Quik app’ and retry the connection.
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