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GoPro settings explained

Connect your GoPro

In the GlambotApp you can connect up to 3 GoPros (compatible with GoPro 10/11/11 mini/12) wired to an iPad or iPhone. The GoPro(s) will record videos at the same time, at 120 or 240 FPS according to your selection. You can work with 1, 2, or 3 GoPros. To connect them:

  1. Open GlambotApp on your device.
  2. Tap on the settings icon located on the bottom left-hand side of the screen, followed by selecting ‘GoPro’.
  3. Select an empty slot and turn on a GoPro.
  4. Wait until the GoPro appears on the list, or refresh the list to display it. Once the GoPro is listed, tap on its name, but do NOT tap on Connect yet. A pairing process will start.
  5. If the GoPro was not paired to your device a popup asking you to pair it will appear. Accept it.
  6. Plug a USB-C hub into the device’s port, and connect the GoPro cable to the hub before connecting the GoPro. Wait until the ‘USB connected’ message is displayed on the GoPro’s screen.
  7. Finally, tap on ‘Connect’ on your device’s screen to connect the GoPro, and you’re all set! (Experiencing issues while connecting the GoPro? Check the troubleshooting article.)
  8. (Optional) If your hub supports powering, you can plug in the power connection after you’ve finished connecting all the GoPros.

Disclaimer: The three connected GoPros must have different IDs or you’ll experience connection problems. Visit the ‘Terms & Conditions’ for more details.


GlambotApp remembers the previously connected GoPros, then, once identified, an icon for their models will show up from there forward. Moreover, GlambotApp presents a unique feature, where the GoPros stay configured even if you close the app, reboot your device or unplug the GoPros. Just open the app, set all GoPros into ‘USB connected’ mode, start a session and GlambotApp will automatically reconnect to the GoPros.

In case needed, you can tap on the “X” button at the top-right corner of the GoPro to disconnect it. This might be useful if you’re switching GoPros. Below, use the FPS selector by choosing between 120 or 240 FPS. Be aware that using 240 FPS recordings unlocks the x8 speed effect for that specific camera on the “Clip Composition” screen, which is a cool feature to use.

Note: If you had a x8 speed effect applied and you switch your camera settings from 240 to 120 FPS, your “Speed” effect will fall back to “Normal speed (1x)” on the “Clip Composition” screen.

Workflow improvement
We recommend renaming the GoPros by tapping on their name after you added them. For example, rename ‘GoPro 5010’ to ‘GoPro 1’ or ‘GoPro left’. That will make it easier to know from which camera you’re getting the clip when in the ‘Clip Composition’ screen.


  • We recommend using an iPad with a USB-C port.
  • Up to 3 GoPro 10 Black or higher running the recommended firmware version.
  • GoPro Firmware versions: >1.30.00 for GoPro 10, >1.12.00 for GoPro 11 and >1.10.00 for GoPro 12.
  • For two GoPros or more, a USB-C hub with 3 USB-A connections, at least. (Note: In case interested in the Sharing Box feature, make sure the hub has an ethernet connection as well)
  • Tripods or our Reel Mashup Video Booth.
  • 1 to 3 USB-C to USB-A cables. These can be long but the data transfer times from the GoPro to the device will increase by ~0.5 seconds per meter of cable.



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