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Clip Composition settings explained

The changes in this section control the total length of the end video and, thus affects the ‘Video Effects’ section, please be aware of that. The clip composition screen allows you to modify: the record time; the number of clips; their position; their speed; and their duration.


Here you can add or remove clips. These can be pre and post-roll videos or different clips from the GoPros. Tap on ‘Add clip’ and select which GoPro video you’d like to use. Each clip box has its own properties, and these are:

  • Drag&Drop: Tap and hold the top left orange button to drag clips within the timeline. Move it passed another clip to change its position on the timeline.
  • GoPro sorting number: At the top right side of the box you’ll find the GoPro’s sorting number. This decides the clip displaying order on the end result video. This number corresponds to those shown in the ‘Timeline preview’ option.
  • Delete: Tap on the magenta button to delete a clip.
  • Select GoPro: You can switch the GoPro video used for the clip.
  • Part of the clip & duration: By using the slider’s handle ball you can select the segment of the original recorded GoPro video (in seconds) you’d like to use for that clip.
  • Speed: The speed effect this clip will have, you can select between 0.125x (8x slow motion), 0.25x (4x slow motion), 0.5x (2x slow motion), 1x (normal speed), 2x (2x fast motion), 4x (4x fast motion), 8x (8x fast motion).

Note: To unlock the 8x slow motion effect, you must set your camera to a minimum recording frame rate of 240 FPS.

Total duration: The estimated duration of your end result video after all the processing. This takes into consideration the number of clips, clip length, and the record time for each GoPro video.

Record time

This option determines the video recording length for each GoPro. The GoPros record simultaneously. Any changes to this value will reset all the GoPro clip durations. We recommend doing short recordings, something between 3 and 5 seconds. Then, play with the “speed motions” and “part of the clip” tools.

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