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Video Effect settings explained

In this screen, you personalize and configure the looks of your end result video by using a variety of clips.

To configure this section you need a connected GoPro first, from where you can get clips from. To do so, read our article on how to connect a GoPro.

Timeline preview

Here, you’ll be able to visualize all clips and effects in a timeline. To unlock the timeline preview you must add one clip as a minimum. Once done, two horizontal bars will display:

  • The top bar shows the number of clips and their duration. A thin vertical white bar distinguishes the clips. A number is assigned to each clip, to edit them tap on the ‘Edit Clip’ button.
  • The bottom bar is a visualizer for music and effects. The added or selected audio track from the ‘Audio settings’ is displayed here as an image and, over it, the colored rectangles corresponding to each added video effect will be shown. This audio visual will allow you to match an effect with the beat of the music, for example.

Active effects

This option handles where the clips and video effects play on the end result. The changes made here will update the timeline based on your selections. There are two main functionalities here: ‘Add new effect’ and ‘Edit clips’.

Add new effect

To add an effect tap on ‘Add new effect’ and select the one that suits you from the picker list. Each effect has its duration written in brackets. After adding one, you will see a dropdown list, a draggable slider, and “-+” buttons.

  • Use the dropdown to select which effect you’d like to edit or delete.
  • Drag the slider’s handle ball to choose where you’d like the effect to take action on the end result. To visualize these changes, a rectangle with the same color as your effect will move on the timeline according to your selection.
  • Utilize the “-” and “+” buttons to fine-tune the position for the effect in steps of 0.125 s.
  • Tap on the “X” button aside from the dropdown list to delete the selected effect.
Edit clips

This option leads to a new screen where you can modify the GoPro(s) record time, number of clips, ordering position, speed, and duration of each clip. For more details visit our ‘Clip Composition’ article.

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