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Cloud Storage settings explained

Sometimes you’d like to keep the original recorded files on the cloud. GlambotApp uploads the processed files to the cloud, not the original ones. You can link GlambotApp to your Dropbox or Google Drive cloud accounts to upload these.


As a first step, we recommend you register into Google or Dropbox so you get an account created, then:

  1. Start GlambotApp.
  2. Tap on the lower-left corner icon, followed by ‘Cloud Storage’.
  3. Turn on the Google Drive or Dropbox toggles to connect your account to GlambotApp. Follow the steps you’re asked to do.
  4. Tap on ‘Upload all files’.
  5. Wait until the progress loader finishes.
  6. Head to your cloud to verify these have been uploaded.


If files aren’t uploading to the cloud, turn off the Dropbox or Google Drive toggle. Turn it on again. GlambotApp will check for possible issues with your cloud’s folder and attempt to fix them. If the problem persists, verify there is one file uploaded.

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