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DSLR camera explained

This section carries how you can connect a wired DSLR camera to GlambotApp. This integration supports Canon & Nikon cameras, here you can find a compiled list of supported cameras. Using an external camera with GlambotApp is straightforward. Here are the basic steps:


  1. Set your camera into “Video” mode.
  2. Connect the camera with the USB cable to your USB adapter. Connect the USB adapter to the iPhone or iPad.
  3. Tap on the menu icon in the bottom left corner of the GlambotApp and tap on ‘Cameras’.
  4. Tap on the DSLR empty slot and. The connection screen will show up and your camera will be set to connection mode.
  5. If you encounter connectivity issues, try disabling WiFi and cellular data on your device to establish a connection with the camera or reboot your camera. The connection screen will disappear once the camera is connected, and you can then turn on WiFi and cellular data again.

Once finished, the DSLR slot will be filled with your camera details. Moreover a toggle to set on or off the Liveview together with a “Settings” button will apear below it. To change some settings from your DSLR camera, try tapping the “Settings” button. All the available options will show up on a new screen.

  • Select MP4 as the video format in the Movie Recording Quality section.
  • Enable “High Frame rate” to allow slow motion effects.
  • To ensure a successful session, it’s recommended to use a modern autofocus lens. If the camera detects an older manual focus lens or is unable to focus, the session might fail.


  • We advise the usage of a U3 class SD card.
  • A USB hub compatible with your used device (iPhone or iPad).
  • If you are using an iPhone or an iPad with a lightning connection, we suggest purchasing an Apple ‘Lightning to USB 3’ adapter. If using an iPad Pro with a USB-C connection, we suggest getting an ‘Digital AV Multiport Adapter’ from Apple.
  • Additionally, you will require a USB cable compatible with your camera. The most commonly used cables are the ‘Micro USB to USB-A’ male or ‘USB-C to USB-A’ male cables.


The Canon M50 is a popular choice among users. However, some users may experience a dark live view with the camera, which can be resolved by disabling the exposure simulation.Head to the “Cameras” section in GlambotApp, tap on your DSLR “Settings” button and search for the “exposure simulation” option, disable it.

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