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Event settings explained

Event presets

In GlambotApp you can store your event settings as presets. In other words, you can save your event settings for future events, or to transfer them to another device. To do so tap on ‘Save settings as preset’ and set a name to it.
Every saved present is stored inside the GlambotApp ‘Settings’ folder. In the need of a backup, you can access this folder by using the ‘Files’ app from your device, then head to ‘On My iPad/iPhone > GlambotApp > Settings > YourPresetName‘. Copy the whole YourPresetName folder.

To load, share or delete a preset, simply tap on ‘Load a preset’. Then, tap on the preset name to load it, tap on the trash icon to delete it, or tap on the sharing button to share a ‘.hype’ file containing the preset details. After sharing it to any device that has GlambotApp installed, tap on the ‘.hype’ file and the app will automatically store the preset.
If the ‘Load a preset’ button appears to be disabled, it is likely that there are no presets stored in the ‘Settings’ folder.

Reset current event

This option focuses on the final part of an event that is, ending or closing it. Your event settings will be restored to the default ones (Sharing Box & Design will remain untouched) and all videos will be deleted from the app (but not from the Camera roll, where another copy will always be stored). Before doing so we recommend verifying no sharing items are pending in your queue. Use the proper indications for that:

  • Email pending: Displays the number of Email messages pending.
  • SMS pending: Displays the number of SMS messages pending.
  • Status: The current status of the queue.
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