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Sharing Box settings explained


The Sharing Box is a GlambotApp module that allows internet-free sharing and control of RGB LED strips through the app. By connecting to the GlambotApp Sharing Box it creates a web server and gallery accessible via WiFi or wired connection, without the need for an external router. Any event visitor that connects to the wifi of the box and visits the address ‘’ can access and download previously recorded videos. The Sharing Box WiFi and address QR codes can be found by tapping on ‘Show Sharingbox QR’ on the upper-left side of the main screen.

Sharing box

  • Connection status: It displays if the Sharing Box is ‘Out of reach’, ‘Ready to connect’, ‘Connecting’, or ‘Connected’. These indications will help you to know when to connect or disconnect the box.
  • Connect/Disconnect: A button from where you can connect or disconnect the box. By connecting to it, from that moment, the finished sessions recorded will transfer to the box after each session. Being connected to the box enables a ‘Resend file’ button for every element on the ‘Gallery’ screen. Disconnect from the box to stop sharing files to the box and controlling the lights or reboot the connection.
  • Manage SharingBox: A shortcut button to the Sharing Box Server control page. The button is tappable when connected to the box. There you can force clear the box’s gallery there.
  • Business card details: You can customize your contact details. The web gallery displays these so visitors can reach you.
    • Contact Name: Your contact name.
    • Phone: Your contact telephone number.
    • Weblink: Your contact web link.
    • Organization: Your organization name.
    • Company logo: Add a personalized company logo that visitors will see after downloading a file.
  • Led strip lights control: Enabling the ‘Use lights’ toggle allows GlambotApp to control a wired LED light strip. There are three app states and you can set to it a specific light effect from the list.
    • Light effect Standby: While the app is in standby mode (not recording or reviewing a video), the selected light effect for this state will play.
    • Light effect Recording: While the app is in the countdown, recording or processing a video, this chosen light effect will play.
    • Light effect Reviewing: While reviewing videos on the app, this light effect will light up.

Note: Be aware you will disconnect the Sharing Box when switching apps. Nevertheless, once you return, GlambotApp will automatically attempt to reconnect.


The sharing box is not just that. Due to the nature of GlambotApp (not a 360 spinner), and the Sharing Box combined, you can do a fully wired-only setup. With this method, your visitors can approach the box and connect their phone to it via a cable: ensuring the connection; preventing external attackers; and increasing the downloading speeds. To do so:

  1. Mount your multi-GoPro recording system.
  2. Connect an ethernet cable to your Sharing Box and only then, turn it on.
  3. Plug the other ethernet cable end into your device’s adapter.
  4. On your device, head to GlambotApp, tap on the lower-left corner followed by tapping on ‘Sharing Box’. Wait for about 10 s and then tap on ‘Connect’. If the connection is successful the button will change to ‘Disconnect’.

The Sharing Box system is now enabled, but two allow visitors to join the Sharing Box via cable you’ll need to follow some more steps:

  1. Get an ethernet cable and connect an ethernet-to-USB-A adapter to one end. Connect an ethernet-to-USB-C adapter on the other end.
  2. Get another ethernet cable and connect one ethernet-to-USB-A adapter to one end. Then, connect an ethernet-to-Lightning adapter on the other end.
  3. Grab the two cables and connect them to the Sharing Box using their USB-A connectors (from the adapter).
  4. Power cycle the box by removing the power and putting it back in.

Now you’re ready, the Sharing Box is working wired-only. Use the free Lightning adapter to connect the visitor’s iPhone or iPad. Use the free USB-C adapter to either connect iPad Pro or Android devices. The visitor must turn off WiFi and cellular data and read the box’s QR code or directly open the browser and type ‘’ to access the Sharing Box web gallery.


  • A Glambot App server with firmware version >= 1.02 and its power supply.
  • An ethernet cable or a USB-A wireless antenna.
  • The Sharing Box module.
  • For a wired-only setup:
    • 2 Ethernet-to-USB-A adapters
    • 1 Ethernet-to-USB-C adapter
    • 1 Ethernet-to-Lightning adapter
  • A multi-GoPro recording system.


Power cycle the box, remove the power and put it back in. Sometimes playing with the USB connectors reboots the box and does not load properly, requiring to power cycle.



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