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Sharing Box Server explained

The Sharing Box builds a server from where you can share your files using its web gallery. To reach out to this configuration page connect the Sharing Box to the GlambotApp, then tap on ‘Manage SharingBox’. There you’ll find the following:

Glambot – Control

Here you will find the main controls for the Sharing Box.

  • Clear Gallery: This option force deletes your current Sharing Box web gallery.
  • Restart Glambot: This option reboots the Glambot Sharing Box, it is similar to power cycling the box.
  • Factory Restore: This option overrides your current settings and sets all of them to default values.

Access Point

Here you can change your Sharing Box WiFi name. After changing the name, the sharing box will create a new wifi network. The password of the wifi can’t be changed and can be found on the box. You have to connect to that new network before new settings can be changed on the box.

Wireless – Network

Tap on the refresh button to help the box list accessible WiFi access points (2G and 5G). Tap on the desired access point, set the password and country, then select ‘Connect’. Your Sharing Box will now be connected to the internet. Moreover, in case you connect an ethernet cable to the Sharing Box and plug a device into it, the internet will be shared with the connected device.

Version Control

This displays your current firmware version. Connect the box to the internet to verify if there is a new firmware version available to download. If that’s so, a ‘New Version’ label and a cloud icon will appear. Tap on the cloud button and confirm the prompt: the new version will start downloading. Once the download finishes, the box will reboot and install the new version.
Important: Any changes done to your Access Point name and Wireless configurations will be lost. Rename your box’s access point name and join a WiFi in case necessary after updating.

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