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In-app Gallery explained

GlambotApp has an in-app gallery where you can share or delete all the previously recorded videos.

  • To visualize or share a video tap on the desired preview image. There you’ll find:

    Preview and scrubber: Tap on the play button to start playing the video. You can also drag the handle ball from the scrubber to play the video wherever you want.
    QR code preview: There’s a quick QR code for sharing the file over the cloud. To see it you’ll require having QR sharing enabled in ‘Sharing Platforms’. This function requires internet to work.
    Share video: This button will display all the available sharing options for you, depending on your ‘Sharing Platform’ selections.
    Resend to SharingBox: This option is only available if you’re connected to a Sharing Box. It allows you to push a video to the box’s gallery if it is missing or to overwrite the current one there.
    Delete video: This will delete the video from the in-app gallery, not from the Sharing Box.
  • To delete a video, tap on ‘Delete Image(s)’, select the video(s) to remove, and tap on the trash can icon.

Note: If you wish to delete all the files because you’re running a new event, go to the ‘Event’ settings screen and reset the event from there.

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