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Cameras settings explained

GlambotApp allows you to record with various types of cameras, including Z Cam, DSLR, and GoPro cameras. To record with up to three cameras you can use GoPro cameras. For good quality and smooth videos, you can use the Z Cam. Both Z Cam and DSLR cameras are the best options to be attached to your robotic arm. In this section, you’ll be able to connect to the camera type you want easily.

Used device

It’s important to consider the type of device you’re using to use GlambotApp. The app is compatible with iOS devices so you can use either an iPhone or an iPad/iPad Pro. We recommend using an iPad, specifically an iPad Pro, since GlambotApp has a built-in designer and a larger screen is appreciated. Moreover, the Pro version can process the number of effects and clips GlambotApp can produce faster.

The iPhone or iPad will require a lightning-based hub adapter to connect to the cameras, while the iPad Pro requires a USB-C-based hub adapter. The adapter should have an ethernet connection since it will be used for connecting the Sharing Box or a Z Cam camera.

Z Cam

If you want to record stable videos in 4K at 160 frames per second or in 1080p at 240 FPS, the Z Cam can help you do it. It is a professional cinema camera. To connect the camera to your device, you can use either a USB-C cable or an Ethernet cable, which is recommended. First, turn on the camera and connect an Ethernet cable to it. Then, connect the other end of the cable to your device’s hub. Head to the app and tap on the “Use Z Cam in session” toggle. If you need more detailed information about the Z Cam or the connection process, you can check out the article here.

Once you’ve successfully connected to the camera, you can change all its settings from within the GlambotApp. Simply tap the “Settings” button that appears and a menu with all the options will show up. Any changes you make to this menu will be applied automatically to the Z Cam. We recommend turning on the “Liveview” option for the camera as well.


There are various camera options available, here we have listed some cameras that are compatible with the GlambotApp. DSLR cameras are a popular choice as they are relatively affordable, but not all of them are capable of recording high-frame videos for extended recording times. To connect your DSLR camera to the app, use a USB-A to micro-USB or USB-C cable and connect it to your hub. Then, open the app and select the “Empty Slot” option for DSLR, and a connection menu will appear. If the camera fails to connect, try restarting it while it’s connected, or disable your WiFi and cellular data connections and then restore them once the connection is established. You can change some settings from it by tapping the “Settings” button below the DSLR camera, all the available options will show up on a new screen. For more detailed information about the DSLR or the connection process, please refer to the article available here.


The GoPros are our supported multi-cam system. Connect up to three GoPros heading to the app and tapping on each empty lost. A connection menu will be displayed. Turn on your camera and tap on it, GlambotApp will start the pairing process to the camera. After pairing, you’ll be asked to connect the camera via cable to the app. To do so, use a USB-C to USB-A cable connecting one end to your camera and the other to your hub. Once the GoPro displays “USB Connected”, tap on “Connect camera” on the GlambotApp. To change a range of available options settings, tap on the “Settings” button located beneath each GoPro camera slot. For more detailed information about the GoPro or the connection process, please refer to the article available here.

Now that all the connections have been set, try adding some video effects to your video, modify the clip speeds or start a session!

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